NPTech – Nonprofit Technology

Where Israeli Nonprofits Enter the Digital Age

Israel’s arena of social causes is vibrant, vigorous and growing. Israeli nonprofits supply vital aid to the country’s underserved. They guard its democracy, drive a better-education agenda, and are called upon in times of crisis and disaster. Israelis are continuously devising innovative solutions and setting up organizations to carry them out.

But are all these nonprofits providing the right remedies to these significant needs? Are they moving forward at the right pace and in a professional manner? Are they operating according to best practices? That we will never really know if the information available is fragmented, inconsistent and erratic.

Enter NPTech – Nonprofit Technology.

NPTech promotes transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in Israel’s Third Sector through the use of modern technologies. It has already delivered to Israel the country’s first official and complete database on more than 30,000 registered nonprofits: GuideStar Israel. In a country in which 50% of nonprofits have yet to create an internet presence, GuideStar Israel is their gateway to the age of open disclosure.

Thoughtful funders can now make considered, well-informed decisions based on real information. GuideStar Israel is the educated funder’s portal to Israeli civil society.

But in the digital age web presence isn’t enough. So much of life is conducted “in the clouds” and on a computer that technology is key to getting results. Those nonprofits who do not or cannot operate in a digital arena will be left behind – and so will the missions upon which so much depends. NPTech has therefore set itself the task of delivering modern technologies to the Israeli nonprofit sector.

A nonprofit itself, NPTech is staffed by seven men and women who hail from high-tech companies, and have joined forces to pass on their expertise. Together, they have:

· Established Hakolbo, a locally-adapted software donation program, created in partnership with Techsoup Global and Microsoft. It offers state-of-the-art ICT tools at significantly-reduced prices.

· Developed a specially-designed project management and system analysis service that enables organizations to successfully incorporate ICT tools into their daily routines.

· Initiated Way2Know, a Hebrew-language, locally-modified online technology resource that offers ongoing information and advice on the most effective ICT tools for social organizations.

Established just two years ago, NPTech’s ambitious plan is not limited to advancing Israeli nonprofits through ICT but also to generating much of the funds necessary to sustain this important endeavor. To that end, NPTech has put in place a financial model that successfully ploughs donations into the development of affordable paid-for services. While NPTech is currently still reliant on – and in need of – significant philanthropic support – it is the kind that helps it create a critical mass of self-generated income.


At a Glance

Founded: 2008

Employees: 7

Located: Lod, Israel

Who we serve: Israel’s 30,000 civil society organizations

What we offer: Affordable technological tools, resources and professional needs-based consultation, as well as across-the-board transparency and visibility via GuideStar Israel

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